Pitney Bowes Genuine Original DM100 Red Ink Cartridge - 793-5RN

Pitney Bowes Genuine Original DM100 Red Ink Cartridge - 793-5RN
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Brand: Pitney Bowes
Product Code: MCI-793-5RN-OR-FMS
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Pitney Bowes DM100 Series Genuine Original RED UK 'Non Fluorescent' Franking Machine Ink Cartridge.

Fits all the Pitney Bowes Model DM100 Series Franking Machines.

With this Original Pitney Bowes DM100 Series franking machine ink you’ll ensure the best performance and reliability from your DM100 Series Franking Machine and produce impressive, sharp, crystal clear franked impressions on each mail item every time you use the franking machine with this original ink cartridge.

This Original DM100 Series cartridge uses advanced technology including a very important anti clogging agent which will help the life of your franking machine print head and ensure the best print quality on every impression.
Warning: Beware of some cheaper compatibles as some can cause problems to the DM100 series franking machine print head and can result a very expensive repair bill!

As per the Royal Mail's terms and conditions, your franking machine should now be using SMART BLUE franking ink if you own a smart franking machine. During 2014, the Royal Mail are trying to implement a change to alter the ink used when franking mail. ALL Smart franking machines will now have to frank in smart blue ink instead of the traditional red ink. The Royal Mail are keen to utilise the latest smart technology. The change will not effect your current franking machine so there is no need to worry. As soon as your red ink runs out simply order smart blue ink from your supplier. Luckily for you Franking Machine Supplies are here to supply you with both RED SMART BLUE ink to help with this implementation. Use the links below to buy any of our SMART BLUE ink cartridges on offer.

Original DM100 Series Ink Cartridge Further Information:
  • Cartridge Manufacturer: Pitney Bowes
  • Perfect for Franking Machine Models: DM100, DM100i, DM125i, DM150i, DM175i, DM200i, P720
  • Cartridge Type: Brand New Genuine Pitney Bowes Original Equipment Manufacturer Cartridge
  • Cartridge Colour: UK Red (Non Fluorescent)
  • Cartridge Yield: As per Pitney Bowes specifications which is approximately 5000 impressions
  • Pitney Bowes Replacement Part Number / Product Code(s): 793-5RN
  • Royal Mail Approved: Yes
  • Pitney Bowes Price: £108.26 + Vat & Delivery


The Franking Machine Supplies .co.uk Guarantee:

* Guaranteed to give an equivalent quality, life or amount of impressions as the Original Equipment Manufacturers cartridge or we will offer a Full Refund or FREE Same day Dispatch Replacement*​


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